This I Believe

Tell - lewiston, Idaho
Entered on March 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I’m still just a teenager who is inexperienced in the ways of life, but I still have been around long enough and thought about it enough to learn many things about human nature. In the world there is war, discrimination, and a want to achieve more power for oneself, this also, I believe, are part of natural human nature and it accounts for most of the three things I listed. Humans hate without reason… and this leads down a bad path. They hate because of the color of your skin, your sexuality, your beliefs and/or your background. Because of this there is always hate in the world, always someone or something to target it towards and this always ends in someone get hurt or worse, it’s because of this that we have had wars and still have violence everywhere.

Human discriminate more out of fear and ignorance then they do anything else in this world… and the adults usually pass this on to their children, pounding there beliefs of right in wrong into the minds of the young. Evan in America, which is supposed to be free, we still have discrimination against different religions, such as paganism, and against people for being homosexual because both of which are Taboo or against the teachings of God. Most people are afraid of these things because they were taught that they were wrong or immoral for one-self to even look at and it consider it, if they had not been taught this, it may have never been thought wrong or deviant. There will always be some sort of discrimination in this world, against any and everyone for different reasons… we’ve all done it in some way… called someone “fat” or called someone a “fagot”, you can’t deny that you’ve never thought or said anything based on some ones looks or actions.

Me myself, I’ve called people names and have been called them for as long as I can remember… and when I look at it, it’s all I’ve ever really known to say about some people. I’ve called people “fat” and made fun of them, I called feminine men “faggots” and strong woman “dykes” and even made fun of people religions from time to time and it wasn’t right, and because of this I had many conflicts. I’ve also been called many of these things; I used to be the weak and shy little boy who was called a “faggot” and I was also called a transvestite, and those things really did sting, even if now, at 16, I found out that I am homosexual, back then I didn’t know, but those words hurt me and made me believe it was wrong. I’m also an atheist, which gives me the opportunity to enjoy life more, with less bias towards people for who they are, of any religion, appearance and sexual orientation. I’ll admit, I still call people names and make fun of them, and I know it’s wrong, but I’m so used to it by this time in my life it’s hard to stop saying these things… even if I know they hurt people in some way, I still say them.

I guess this brings me to my point… In this world, there will always be some form of prejudice wherever you go, there will be some, because everyone is taught by there family, religion, and society to be a certain way, whether they know it or not. I’m not going to say these are bad things, these are all good things in reality, but most people are bias in some way and that can, and most likely will rub off on those they know. It’s up to you, as a person, to make these decisions for yourself, if you can accept what is out there for what it is, maybe this world could be a better place… It’ll never be a perfect place like some wish for, but it’ll be a better place for us all… So this I believe and hold as my true to my heart, that the world is not perfect… and never will be, but we can make it better in small ways and large ways by accepting others for who they are.