This I Believe

Carter - western springs, Illinois
Entered on March 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe Speech

I believe in seeing things for myself./ We have all heard r u m o r s, people say one thing but it may turn out to be another./ Consider this, a person is r u m o r e d to be kind, but you have no idea as to whether or not they truly are. A person may not seem outright that they are kind or caring but you may see them helping a student pick up his or her fallen books or helping a student having trouble./ After seeing this you might think, “Wow that was a kind thing of that person to do,” this will lead you to the conclusion that the person is caring and kind./ It is occurrences like this that lead me to believe in seeing things for myself.///

A while back when I was in grade school, specifically fourth grade, the fifth graders spread r u m o r s of how one of the fifth grade teachers was mean and difficult and an all around mean person.// A few weeks after hearing this I was asked by my teacher to take a note to that very teacher that the r u m o r s were all about, expecting the worst I t r u d g e d down the hall towards his door./ When I reached it I knocked on it and heard footsteps coming for the door, a man opened the door.// Before he spoke I noticed a few things, that he seemed just as mean as those kids had made him out to be and also that he didn’t look happy./ I gulped and said “I have this note for you.” He said “Ahhh yes, thank you I was wondering when she would send this,” not with any meanness at all and in a nice tone. In this situation I should have seen for myself whether or not the teacher in question was mean and nasty as described or kind and considerate as he truly was, as shown by his response to me bringing him the note.///

Things like this and others that we may see every day lead me to my belief./ Allowing others to form an opinion about someone that was completely wrong was foolish of me and I was shocked by this. See things for yourself before you judge or form opinions.