This I Believe

brooke - California
Entered on March 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in forgiveness. I think that when it comes down to forgiving someone you are not doing it for yourself but for that person. I am a Christian. I do not go to church every Sunday but I do have my beliefs in God and I do believe he does great things for everyone. Sometimes those things may not seem so great, but in the long run they do help you for the better. I believe that everyone does make mistakes and no one is perfect and that’s a fact. But when it comes down to it sometimes I ask myself how is what this person doing affecting me? Sometimes it does but for the most part when it comes to things hurting you it’s because you let them. I think in order to be happy you have to be happy with yourself. You cannot depend on someone else. The reason for that is because what happens if that person is not having a good day? What happens is that person all of a sudden does something to hurt you? What kind of a position does that put you in?

I’m a strong believer in self confidence. I think that comes with a lot of effort and strength. It’s hard to pick yourself up when you fall. But in the end when you fall it makes you that much stronger. I have learned a lot in my life and I am only fifteen years old. I think holding yourself accountable for your mistakes are very important. I have grown up with the best influences I could ever ask for. I have a wonderful dad that treats me like his little girl no matter how old I get. I have a mom that has not always been there for me but as I get older she starts to understand me a little bit better. And my step mom my words cannot even describe how wonderful that lady is. In so many ways my life could be a disaster but from the guidance and encouragement she gives me I feel like I have maturity level of a thirty year old woman. She is the one that has always been there for me teaching me how to deal with certain things. Telling me God is always looking out for my best interest. And in so many ways it is so true because I have had a lot of bad things happen. And through out all of the incomes they have always helped me live a better life.