This I Believe

Krysta - Webster, New York
Entered on March 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

After residing on this Earth for 16, almost 17 years, I believe that everyone worries too much about time. When is my paper due? How much longer will I have to wait in this line? Will I have enough time to make dinner? Everyone always has to be on time, always has to get everything in, and always has to check the clock like it’s some miniature god.

Two summers ago in July, my family and I flew to a small Caribbean island called Nevis. The whole trip down, we rushed through countless terminals making sure we were present at the gates when they called, “Section 3, rows 1 through 5.” When we arrived on the island, we timed how long it had taken to get through customs: one and a half hours. As we waited for a taxi cab to pick us up, we each checked our watches multiple times. We tallied up how long it took to travel across the island – always counting the minutes.

Finally, we reached our destination: La Béate. As soon as we walked in the wood-carved door, we immediately reached paradise. Our ocean view villa came with an in ground pool, the biggest hammock known to man, and a veranda that overlooked the crystal blue waters of both the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my family go from uptight to relaxed so quickly. Only ten minutes had passed and I already found my eighteen-year-old sister taking a nap, my ten-year-old sister jumping in the pool and my parents lounging on the enormous hammock. It was obvious that we didn’t have to be anywhere anytime soon, and that was okay.

As the week went on, we slept when we were tired, ate when we were hungry, and swam when we wanted. The only thing we kept time of day to day was when we needed to reapply a gallon of sunscreen. This week of rest and relaxation was the most whimsical vacation my family and I have ever had, mostly because we experienced completely new things on no specific schedule. My parents made sure that we ate all the zesty foods of the island, such as seasoned swordfish, and drank all the drinks, such as mango daiquiris with a dollop of whipped cream. We went to a private beach that stretched as long as three football fields, saw wild monkeys, and traveled through exotic rain forests, all on our own time. My family and I became so close with one another due to the adventures we shared and will cherish throughout our lives.

I believe in putting time on hold to truly enjoy what surrounds you in life. Time restricts too many people, transforming them into busy people who don’t treasure everything that life has to give. I learned to pay attention to my loved ones and all they do for me, like organizing a relaxing vacation on a secluded Caribbean island. I must say, neglecting time, to an extent, allowed me to feel more rejuvenated and thankful than I have ever felt before.