This I Believe

Matthew - Webster, New York
Entered on March 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I have played sports for almost my entire life; I have been on all sorts of teams, good and bad. However, I not only believe but I know that I will never play on a team quite like the 2006 Boys Soccer Team from Webster Thomas High School. I believe teamwork and chemistry are the most important aspects in achieving success with others.

After tying our first game 0 to 0, we picked up our efforts, recording eight shut-outs in a row, a section five record. Undefeated mid-way through the season, we had high hopes of maybe winning a sectional title. We had lost the past two years in overtime of the championship game, tears streaming down our faces in disbelief after both defeats. Chemistry was the one thing that set the 2006 team above the rest. We were not only teammates, but best friends. Before every game, we had a team party at someone’s house. There was pizza, chips, chicken wings, and Gatorade; oddly feasting together brought us so much closer together. The one pre-game party I will never forget was at Evan Harding’s house. Dancing set this party apart from the rest. The stereo system booming, the lights flashing on and off, the eerie slow motion of our bodies, the jumping, and the smiles lighting up our faces. I still remember the laughter as we all watched the lanky foreign exchange student from Germany dance, arms flailing as he tried to imitate American dancing.

Another aspect of our team that brought us closer were the bus rides home from away games. These became one of the most memorable parts of our season. Songs, chants, and laughter all poured out of us and onto the highway. I would not be surprised if every car we passed heard us. I will never forget the most famous chant on the bus rides home: “Paul lovessss Frankie!!” we screamed at the tops of our lungs in unison. “I Believe I Can Fly” was also sung every time we crossed the bridge on the way home, cell phones would whip out, and the light neon blue would light up the smiling faces of my teammates.

We ended up winning a sectional title against McQuaid, which happen to be the school I attended in seventh grade, and the team we had lost to the year before. After beating McQuaid we won a regional championship, then we lost a heartbreaking two to one game at states. It didn’t matter. No one would have dreamed of a better season. It was a season you would see only in the movies, a season I never thought would actually happen, not because of winning and championships but because of the life long friends we had made. I will never play on a team as close as the 2006 Webster Thomas Boys Soccer team and I will never forget any of them. Whenever a great accomplishment is achieved, many people contribute. I believe that with great people around you, the accomplishments you can achieve are endless.