This I Believe

Falon - Webster, New York
Entered on March 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in owning as much fake fur as possible, and in wearing it whenever I get the chance. Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved the soft, fluffy, warm textures of animals’ coats that always plead for me to pet them. I just can’t get enough. However, because I think that killing animals purely for their pelts is cruel, I tend to never buy real fur and always go for faux.

I remember receiving a fluffy faux fur coat one year for winter, and I could do practically nothing to keep myself from stroking the fur whenever I had the chance. Even now, I have a fur coat and two pairs of boots that have fur on them that my friends continuously ridicule me for. One pair of boots is called my “gorilla boots” or “pandas,” mainly because they are big, black, and look like I killed some sort of large animal to make them, and the other pair: “Sherpa boots,” due to their apparent likeness to mountain guides’ shoes in Nepal. Because it is wintertime, I tend to wear them quite often; they’re so warm and quite soft on the outsides. Occasionally, though, I wear them just to see how everybody reacts. The common reaction is as follows: a look at me, a look down to my boots, a strange look to the boots, a look up to my face again, and then a scowl.

I think I’ve always had this sense of uniqueness. Its attraction on me is completely indescribable and almost incomprehensible, even to myself. When I was little, I couldn’t help but try to stand out. Before I could even walk, I had the defiance to upset my parents, both of them, and the persistence to annoy those around me. When I first learned to tie my shoes, it was just because my mother had told me that I couldn’t: she believed that I was too young to figure it out. I proved her wrong, though. After six relentless hours, a determined and equally stubborn two year old me figured out how to tie my shoes, just because I wanted to prove my mother wrong. From then on, my willpower, my diligence, and my inflexibility showed prospects of a girl who would never want to blend in; who would never want to disappear into the background.

My boots. My petticoats. My diligence. They all contributed a little bit to what I believe in: staying in the spotlight, being unique and random when I need to be, writing my own story, and not being just another piece of scenery.