This I Believe

Anuj - Miami, Florida
Entered on March 1, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that all human life has great value; whatever one’s values are, being

family, freedom, personal values, we are all unique in one way or another. Everyone

should be treated with compassion, love, and forgiveness because all human’s have

different beliefs and values. I believe only our god has the right to judge right from

wrong. Gandhi once said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow”, life can be very easily

be taken for granted, it only comes around once. How we spend our days is, of course,

how we spend our lives.

I think values are how we have learnt to think how people are supposed to behave

or how things ought to be. There is no absolute truth, the way I perceive something,

someone else may not. The mind works in a way that if something makes sense to one t

that is what they will believe. If people could grasp the core foundation of reality around

them, maybe the truth would not be an area of confusion.

Another reason for my belief is that nothing in life is ordinary; it should not be

taken for granted. Every breath is one less that one has, their is not enough time to waste

breathe on judging others and being critical towards one’s beliefs. I believe god himself

is the only one who can morally judge humans and to understand life to its fullest extent

one must see what other’s see, listen and try to understand others thoughts and values of


There is no certainty in the world; anything can happen at any given time. I

have recently lost two cousins, one got shot and one died last week in a car accident.

Death is mysterious and fearful, there will come a time when our life on this earth will

come to an end and our minds will no longer function. Losing someone very close to me

helps me see what’s real in the world. Also now knowing how fast life can end, I cherish

the value of life and being able to take breathe after breathe. Thoughts on life start

changing and I stop and think about the value of life, it is virtually infinite. If one loves

life, their shall be no sorrow to die.

With many distractions in today’s fast moving world, many of us forget the true

values in life and waste time following the wrong path’s of life. Then suddenly life is

over before it really even started. Sometimes I think why are we living and what are we

doing in this world, their will be no answer 100% correct, but all I can do is live life and

love life, for I have been given a great gift that I will not take for granted.