This I Believe

Elaine - Red Oak, Texas
Entered on February 28, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe God’s favorite color is blue. From the deep blue of the oceans surrounding Earth’s land masses, to the soft blanket of blue sky wrapped around us, God’s love of blue is evident. God’s next two favorite colors must be brown and green. Earth’s surface consists of shades of brown sand and rock, or fields of green grasses, or the rainforests and jungles with their tropical greens. Also, we humans, (arguably God’s best creation) are varying shades of brown with eyes in hues of blue, brown and green.

I’m thankful God didn’t create a world of gray only, but a world full of vibrant colors. God gave each season its own unique color palette. Where I live in North Texas, January can be bleak and depressing, but when I look out my window I may spy a cardinal with his flash of red, or the deep green of an evergreen amidst a sea of brown, leafless trees. And who hasn’t marveled at the beauty of newly fallen snow? Spring and summer are the show-off seasons with a burst of new green growth, garish flower displays, and the relentless gold of the sun. Autumn is resplendent with the russet, umber, crimson, purple and gold of leaves changing color.

I also believe God employed the use of color to give this planet diversity. There are rich, bold swaths of color in every climate and on every continent. From the jungles of the Amazon alive with birds and plants in all shades of orange, yellow, red, blue and green; to the arid dessert lands with splashes of bright pink or buttery yellow cactus flowers, it’s the colors of the landscape that are most memorable. The colors of a sunset will take your breath away and the beauty of a rainbow offers the peace of God’s promise.

I don’t really know God’s favorite color. I can’t even name my own favorite color. But I do believe God loves color, all colors, with a passion only an artist could understand. And for that, I’m thankful.