This I Believe

Chris - Ocean Pines, Maryland
Entered on February 28, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: setbacks

Feb.28, 2007

Having watched this week the stories on Bob Woodruff’s recovery and comeback it brought to mind my own recoveries and comebacks. I now believe that there are those of us that for what ever reason survive those life threatening and near death incidents and (in my case) accidents and return to our lives.

The reasons could be many. Maybe we have a task here in this life that we have yet to complete, or maybe we have the determination and drive to say to ourselves we are just not done yet! Or maybe we are the shock absorbers for those around us. Maybe we have been given a gift of survivability and recovery so others don’t endure the damage. I just don’t know.

I do know that I have survived severe head trauma (like Bob) survived an incident with a car as a young pedestrian sustaining life threatening injuries and as recent as 2001 sustained an injury to both of my ankles (from a fall) and was told I may not walk again.

My list goes on and on. Yet here I am walking around like a normal guy just like Bob. and I know many others like us are out there.

We are glad to be here and continue on with our lives or fulfilling that task we are sent here to do. Our outlook on what is ahead and day to day life may be changed .We don’t believe we are invincible but believe that whatever the injury or hurt we will recover.

I now believe that some of this is to shield injury from happening to others. Be they loved ones or strangers or to inspire others to recover. The human shock absorbers, this I believe.