This I Believe

Linda - Virginia Beach, Virginia
Entered on February 28, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

Life’s Curve Ball, But I Still Believe

Have you ever asked a child what he or she wanted to be as a grown up? Every one of them will want to be either doctors, lawyers, firemen, teachers or “successes.” They see themselves as successes. You never hear a child tell you when they grow up they want to be a failure. They all have dreams, visions, and goals of being something great. But once life’s curve ball in thrown at them (the unexpected circumstance of life), people tend to lose focus on their dreams, visions, and goals.

Life’s disappointments can come in many forms: loss of a job, break-up of a marriage or relationship, medical expenses, disappointment of children, or death of a loved one. These can all be forms of “life’s curve ball.” People find themselves retreating, falling into depression, isolating themselves, and abandoning their dream vision and goals for life. They begin to focus on the curve ball and lose focus of life’s aspirations.

One thing we should always remember is to keep our keep the childlike dream alive. This is hard to do sometimes.

The fault lies when we so easily abandon our dreams and forget what we believe about ourselves and lose focus. We so often let other people define who we are. We so often ask other people their opinions of us. We ask other people what they think about this and that when the truth is, we need to ask ourselves, what to we think about this or that when it comes to our visions and dreams.

I believe if you take the curve ball of life, and return it with a home run, you can achieve whatever you envision. Those childlike aspirations, dreams, and visions can come true if you don’t give up when the hard times come. If you look at those who have achieved great accomplishments, they have all encountered “curve balls.” A baseball player in the Hall of Fame for accomplishing the most home runs also had the most missed hits. The boxer who has the most knockouts also received the most hits. My point is that the person who achieves much also has encountered many hardships.

I have a management company in the entertainment industry. Before I started my company, I spent many years working for other companies, helping them become successes, and must say, I did a great job for them. Finally, one day I decided it was my time to step out on my dream. I had little knowledge about the entertainment industry when I began, but through hard work, determination, time, and patience, I have accomplished many of the goals I had set for myself, even though curve balls were thrown.

So don’t let life’s curve ball, no many how many come your way make you think the game of life is over. Keep hitting back and eventually you will hit a home run.