This I Believe

Jose - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on February 28, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I belive

This I belive from all the beautiful things of life, what I miss the most is the simple ability to fall at sleep. This is my uncomplicated desire, to put my head over my pillow

and rest. I don’t remember when I lost my ability to sleep. I guess I miss place it in the vault of personal problems and self-made complications. Passing years through me, taught me that dreams of fame and fortune

can not replace a good night of pure and inalterable calm; a long night of rest, where my worries are no allowed to sink down, depriving me from sleeping. Sleeping pills are just a myth I want to burn the preoccupations of a new tomorrow, stop the clock of the universe and deny the sun’s lawful right from

transmitting his impatiens warm ays. “Hypnos” gods of sleep, give some enchanted trick, some magical sprinkle for my eyes. Give me smoothness and relaxation. Please announce to my ears the infinity glory of a new day. I want to become Morpheus and be the owner

of the dreams, take me to a celestial mansion, were dreams of tranquility become reality. I want pleasant dreams that carry me gently and lay me to rest lifeless until the new aura breaks. Take me to the shores of one dark and silent ocean were only the darkness of

Thanatos rules. Send me messages of a peaceful green pastures. this I belive what I miss the most is my ability to sleep