This I Believe

Adrienne - Wayne, Pennsylvania
Entered on February 27, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: addiction

I believe that love is the strongest drug. What defines a drug? A drug is a substance that causes addiction or habituation, intended to affect the function of the body. So why would love, a concept so warmly embraced and eagerly thrived for, be considered a drug? Because of the addiction, the down right obsession it causes.

I fell into the trap at age fifteen, an age considered too young for this kind of risk. I was a mere high school freshman, innocent and naive, eager to try something new. The moment I first let myself accept that I was in love, that first puff of smoke I took, I was instantly hooked. It hit me hard and knocked me over, and I craved—needed more. This—the feeling, the absolute sensation—completely took over me, numbing every problem and worry that crossed my path.

That one puff was all it took. That one puff was where I lost control of all my thoughts and actions. One taste and I was now a victim of this mind-blowing, extraordinary, addictive drug. At first I was just overwhelmed at the excitement of unexpectedly finding something that could cure everything. The one thing—apart from the pressure of coaches, and parents, and teachers—that was there as my escape to get high off of anytime I pleased. Gradually I became dependant on being in love. It was not just fun and games anymore, I needed it to function. It became the only thing that caused me any relief or peace of mind.

Everyone around me noticed the change. I no longer game my friends attention, school work was not a priority, all my time became devoted to the relationship.

When problems arose and we got into fights, my whole world would come crashing down. The torment of being in withdrawal made me insane. Without it I felt like I hit rock bottom, completely helpless and just could not go on. Why bother? What was the point of living if I could not have my fix?

I am seventeen now, a junior in high school and still dealing with the same relationship. I still get my highs, and crash down to my lows. The more I get involved with the drug, the more I lose control. Two years now, and I have fallen completely victim to it. Despite what my friends and family say, I see it as the highlight of my life, the one thing I cannot see myself living with out. While it does have its numerous positives and benefits, not even I can deny that love is a drug—the strongest one there is.