Charles - USA
Entered on February 27, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Women are a species that out number men in the world. A woman gave birth to on

March 20, 1988. Women make the world go round because it is them that supply the

world with people.

Women have to deal with the pain of child birth. Why is that a man can always

disrespect women so easily. It is a woman that raises 2 or more children and struggle to

make it as another on her own. We show no respect for those type of women. They do so

much to provide for their family.

My mother was a single mother who raised me and she put so much effort into

making me happy. She went through two husbands and I don’t know why. She is a strong

woman and she doesn’t need a man to keep her happy. She doesn’t have to put up with so

much stupid crap that her last husband put her through.

Women can be complex sometimes. They say they want a good man but

sometimes the good man is right in front of them and they don’t realize it. I am a person

that loves women. There is this girl who I have had feeling for for such a long time. I

would give the attributes that a women is looking for. I can be sensitive and also I can be


To make a women happy is very hard to understand. Maybe someday I would

figure it out and make a women happy. Until then I hope the woman I like now realize I

am a good catch and I hope other women realize it about the men in their life as a well.

To realize that man they have been looking for is right in front of them.