This I Believe

Michelle - Berwyn, Pennsylvania
Entered on February 27, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Naptime. As a young child I was always opposed naptime. The teacher would call my classmates together while I hopelessly thought of a way to get around it. With childlike sneakiness, I would pretend to fall asleep. However once the teacher left, it was show time. My twin sister and I would get up and prance about, make believing to be fairies and dancing around the other slumbering children.

A quizzical memory but nonetheless important, because it was this very whimsical act that taught me something: life’s too short to be so serious. Goofiness and laughter are essential. My loving family has always fostered my silliness and they also shared with me something so amazing that I still get butterflies when I think about it. The love of Jesus.

I have always been aware of God’s gracious love for me and the fact that He created me just the way I am, and because of this knowledge I am never afraid to be different. People can hypothesize and question why I believe what I do, but what it comes down to is this: I have a friend named Jesus who will love me no matter how crazy I am. So I go about my life, with the reassurance that there is a purpose for my existence and I continue to be myself.

Do not get me wrong; I know that this world is rarely in a happy state, a glance at any newspaper proves this fact. But God has given me hope for goodness and kindness, which I hope to share through my happiness.

As a high school student my attitude toward naptime has, without a doubt, changed drastically, but my attitude toward existence remains the same. I love God, enjoy life, and embrace silliness.