This I Believe

Maralize - Berwyn, Pennsylvania
Entered on February 27, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Certain knowledge bases my life and holds it together, steadfast and unchanging. To believe in certainty in this day and age seems naïve but I know that the love of my heavenly Father will never change.

I could probably write this essay fifty times, each version a bit different from the one before. New stories, new experiences, which could help explain the beliefs I hold dear. That is one of the most wonderful aspects of this world, the different personalities, which contribute to life. I love to engage in the human spirit and what it has to offer. So much it seems, can be hidden in the mind, waiting to be unleashed, expressed, and heard. This extraordinary entity I attribute to the Creator.

To say I am a religious person would be a deception of the truth. I do not consider myself a devout follower of religion. I believe in the faith and relationship between God and man, a relationship far greater than any earthly experience. He is my friend when I am lonely and my rock when I am weary.

The amazing love He gives to me is what I try to show others. If there were no people on this mass of land and sea, would you want to exist? If you think about it that way, people are the only thing in this world we hold dear. People are what create the intricate network of relationships we live for.

I traveled to Salyersville, Kentucky this past summer with a group of people to partake in a mission’s trip. Here I worked side by side with kids and adults to help mend the ruined and deteriorating homes, which poor low-class families found themselves in. As I hammered and washed I sensed the wonderful spirit of God and his ability to comfort those in distress. I worked as an earthly steward, and by doing so I found that aiding others with their troubles and burdens is what brings purpose and meaning to life.

Helping someone who is lost, a child who is crying, a man who has just been demeaned and degraded: these are the actions I want to make every time I realize the endless love my Savior grants me daily.