This I Believe

Jennie - Williston, Vermont
Entered on February 27, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: community

This I Believe

I believe we need to envision a positive future. Today with our vast and homogenized media culture we continually see images of our future in print, broadcast and advertising. Asteroids slamming into Earth, nuclear war, technology taking over our lives, the images generally show our future in environmental chaos, bleak, violent and almost hopeless.

Why do we spend so much time filling our heads with visions of doom and gloom? When was the last time you read a book or saw a movie that gave you a glimpse of a future that you would like to be a part of? How can we hope to have a positive future when we spend so little time picturing optimistic possibilities?

I believe we must envision a positive future because thoughts become things. Every political system, every innovation, every invention, was first a thought, and idea, a dream.

Democracy was first an idea, a seed. That thought was shared and nurtured. It grew and here we are centuries later reaping the benefits. Flight was at first just a dream, a crazy dream even. Now we get on planes without batting an eye. What future are we envisioning now? What future are we working towards? What seeds are we planting in our collective consciousness?

If we fill our minds with negative visions of the future how can we ever hope to move forward in a positive direction? The job of envisioning our future should not be left to a powerful few, we all need to participate. Not just politicians, authors and film makers but mothers, fathers, business owners, ordinary people, each and everyone of us is creating the future with our thoughts and ideas.

How should we live in the future? What will our lives be like? Our houses? Our transportation? Our work lives? Will we live in peace with each other? Will we nurture our environment? Can you picture a future in which we all are working together for the collective good?

I believe we must envision a positive future and share that vision with others every day in any way we can. Only then will we create a future we actually want to be a part of.