This I Believe

Taylor - Wilmington, Delaware
Entered on February 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Growing up can be difficult, especially through your teenage years. People go in and out of your life, and things happen that change your world forever. Even minor issues come up that totally change how you view your days. Your parents are not always your best friend and most days you do not even want to talk to them. They can get on your nerves and aggravate you to the fullest extent. But, I believe that no matter how much you do no like your parents, they love you more than life itself.

A few days ago, I swam at a preliminary event. My relay team made the time, and was to swim at finals three days later. I was so excited and could not wait. However, I was later informed that I was not going to be swimming, and someone else was going to take my place, because they had a faster time, by less than a second. I was crushed. I thought to myself this is not fair at all! I had gotten the team all this way and then nothing! I did not want to tell my parents till I got home because too many people were around and I was embarrassed. At the end of the meet, I asked my mom if she could take my swim bag home for me so I would not have to take it on the bus, and she would not. I was so upset with her, if only she knew! I was already upset so the little stuff like that just escalated. I came home later that night and broke down. I knew that the coach was right and I truly thought that I had let him and my team down and that I was not a good swimmer. Later, my parents told me how proud they were and what a good job I had done. I had forgotten all about how mad I was at my mom, and realized that no matter how much I did not like my mom for the whole bus ride home, she still loved me more than life itself.

That night, I learned a valuable lesson. My mom told me that instead of getting upset, to take it as a learning experience. So, next time if I were in the coach’s position, I would know how to handle the situation fairly. She said that this too shall pass and that I would only be a stronger person. My parents were right, I was a great swimmer, and it was just a bad decision on the coach’s part. I have learned that no matter what; do not sweat the small stuff, because a week later it will not matter. Also, your parents are not going to be around forever so appreciate them while they are here. So, no matter what I do, or how much I do not like my parents, I believe that they love me more than life itself.