This I Believe

John - Bloomington, Illinois
Entered on February 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

He tells God to say please. He can slam a revolving door. He can believe it’s not butter. He wears brown shoes with his black belt. Anyone who knows me already knows who “he” is. I am of course speaking of the one and only Chuck Norris. The man who has dispensed justice with only a well placed roundhouse kick, while wearing cowboy boots and it’s in hope of filling the those roundhouse dispensing boots that many of my beliefs are based on the facts of Chuck Norris’s life.

When God says, “Let there be light” and Chuck Norris says, “Say please,” Chuck is teaching us a lesson in manners. If God has to be polite, who are we to think that we are better than God? Throughout life, we must be polite because people will respect us more and we will find the road of life to be slightly more evenly paved.

Whenever Chuck Norris slams a revolving door, he is teaching us a lesson in perseverance. If someone says that something is impossible, do it just to prove them wrong. When we persevere through a trial or tribulation, we have gained nothing but strength and resilience.

When Chuck Norris believes it’s not butter, he is teaching a lesson in independence. We should not believe everything we are told. We should go through life and make decisions on our own based on our own realizations and experiences. We are our own best judges of decisions in situations. We can’t always rely on someone else to be there to make our decisions.

When Chuck Norris puts on his brown shoes and black belt, he is teaching us a lesson in individuality. If we don’t set our own rules and beliefs, we are not an individual. By setting these beliefs and rules, we create our own personal view of ourselves, which in turn will become how others come to view us.

All of the above facts are reasons that I have come to believe in the power of Chuck Norris. His life is a lesson to all of us, whether in his individuality or politeness, it can have an effect on us all.