This I Believe

Raina - LaGrange, Illinois
Entered on February 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe in Laughter

I believe in laughter. It is so dangerously contagious yet no body minds catching it, in fact many seek its presents. Laughter can help anybody in ways great and small, whether it’s breaking down even the most up-tight of souls, or just giving a tired mother a much needed giggle.

Laughter often follows me and my friends where ever we go. Sitting around talking about who knows what, and someone cracks the smallest joke. Everyone just kind of looks at each other, trying to decide if the joke was funny enough to deserve a chuckle, and you hear the slightest sympathy giggle from one person who doesn’t want to leave the poor kid hanging. Then, another person decides that if one person can find it even the least bit silly it must be okay to laugh. Before I know it everyone around is laughing uncontrollably. Laughing so hard I forget to breathe. Nobody can stop, and even as I grow conscious of my sudden lack of bladder control, just thinking about peeing myself makes the whole situation just that much funnier.

As knees collapse and bodies are hysterically falling to the floor, no one can even remember what was so funny in the first place. Now, I’m just laughing at pathetic-ness of each kid on the floor desperate for air over some joke that wasn’t even funny to begin with.

Gasping for one small breath of air, finally everybody manages to regain that little bit of sanity they had before. This is a moment that won’t soon be forgotten.

The last time I laughed like that was when my family went on vacation and each of my two brothers and I got to bring a friend. I brought my friend Emily, and my younger brother, Owen, who is 12, brought his friend Ryan. One rainy afternoon, we were stuck in our little cottage we had rented so Emily, Owen, Ryan and I decided to play a game of black jack. Though we were only playing for goldfish, it was agreed that the loser would have to cross dress for the rest of the day. Since my older brother’s friend was really cute, Emily and I really didn’t want to look like guys so we were playing the best we could. Eventually, Ryan went all in on a perfect hand, tying with me. Owen and I made up a rule on the spot that ace of spades beats and ace of diamonds meaning I won the hand and Ryan was out. Emily and I sprinted to our suitcases. I pulled out the shortest skirt I could find, and Emily pulled out a halter-top. We dressed him up and then went in for hair and make-up which apparently wasn’t part of the deal. After poor Ryan was all dolled up, we took pictures and strutted him about. I have never laughed harder in my entire life, and Emily and I still suggest doing it again every time someone asks us to play poker.

It is times like these that friends joke about for years to come. It is times like these that continuously bring people back together. I believe in my friends that make me laugh, but most of all I believe in the laughter that keep my friendships so ridiculously entertaining.