This I Believe

Colin - La Grange, Illinois
Entered on February 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

“This I Believe”

Three Neighbors, alike in their academic abilities, similar in their work ethic, and identical in their variety of extra-curricular activities apply to the same prestigious college. The three students anxiously await the arrival of their results from the college. The results finally come and in two households there is a feeling of joy and accomplishment; in another only a sense of failure and a feeling of depression. The student who was rejected was Caucasian; the other two students were minorities. I believe that this is wrong. I believe that an African-American or Hispanic or other minority student should not have a special opportunity based solely on their race.

I am not a racist and by no means do I feel that white Caucasian people should have special rights. I feel, rather, as stated in our Constitution, that “all men are created equal”. However, there definitely is no equality in one group of people receiving special rights. What inconvenience has been placed on a minority just because they are a minority? Some people like to answer that minorities have tougher lives and have to overcome more hardship than white people. That is an extremely generalized opinion and would be outrageous to apply that to all situations. I do not believe that all minorities have less opportunity than all white people. I do not believe white people encounter significantly less hardship based exclusively on their race.

I am not going to ignore the fact that many minorities sometimes come from poorer neighborhoods or may have fewer opportunities. However that is not true for all minorities and I would not be against colleges giving special preference to those students who they determined to have had fewer opportunities.

The framework of our country has been built on values; one such being equality. Therefore, let us apply this value of equality when conferring about college admissions. I believe each student should be considered on their own accomplishments, not on their racial background I believe all students should have equal opportunity to attend the college of their choice.