This I Believe

Alison - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on February 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Good friends help you up when you fall. Best friends laugh because they’re the ones that tripped you. Good friends will tell you what you want to hear. Best friends will always tell the truth. Friends are some of the most important people next to family in every person’s life. They help you when you’re down and celebrate your successes. However, friends aren’t only there to help make critical decisions such as who to ask to the dance or which shirt looks best, they also influence other aspects of your life. Friends influence the way you dress, the music you listen to, the things you do and say, and the other types of people you hang out with. I believe that my friends made me the person I am today. I realized this my second summer playing on the Blazers, a traveling softball team. You spend almost every waking moment with the same group of girls, so friends are made and bonds are formed almost instantly. After a while, I was able to open up and let my true colors shine through. They accepted my loud, crazy, and pretty awkward personality for the most part. Being with these girls opened my eyes to so many different foods and musics that I now love. For example, Gina is a huge Fallout Boy fan. Before meeting her I didn’t even know they existed, but after the countless number of car rides to games and practices, I listened to them enough where I could sing the lyrics to any song on their first CD. Another girl on the team, Annie, was always eating green peppers. I had always thought they looked and smelled disgusting and being the stubborn person I am, I refused to eat them. About halfway through the season, I gave in and tried one of the peppers and found I really liked them. One of my best friends on the team, Carly, is like my other half. We dress the same, like the same music, and always have fun with each other. The one thing that she had that I didn’t and eventually got from her was her sarcasm. Whenever someone would ask her a simple question, like if we had practice that night she would always reply, “No, but we have practice tonight.” After a while I found myself saying things similar to that without even thinking. The little things your friends do and say begin to rub off on you over time. It’s only natural. I believe that my friends influenced the way I am and made me the person I am today.