This I Believe

Daniel - La Grange, Illinois
Entered on February 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I Believe In True Love

I believe in true love. Those beautiful words, “I love you”, can spark such an amazing reaction in the heart of the listener. Three simple words, “I love you”, can ignite a beautiful relationship, start a war, or become the demise of two innocent, youthful souls, poisoned and stabbed by their parent’s hateful, vengeful ways. A life cannot be complete without the person’s ear being graced and caressed by these sweet words. Everyone waits and longs to hear those words. I need to hear them, spoken in a truthful way; a way that I can understand the reality of emotion flowing through her body as she says the wonderful harmony of those three words.

A long time ago, I was whispered the sacred promise of love by a goddess. I could not have been happier. Although I am still young, every time I saw her I said to myself, “Wow, this could be her. She might just be the one.” True love seemed to be the only thing on my mind for a while. Her radiance burned over me like a small, stunning sun. Five exquisite months later, however, my striking sun set; a gloomy, painful night followed closely in her wake. She left me, cold in the dark again, and quickly busied herself fussing over a new person. My night has yet to end while hers’ seemed to be over in just a matter of hours. I lost all of my thoughts of love and anguish awakened for some time. I forgot all of my belief in love. At long last, I was successfully able to put my pain and anger back to sleep. However, my love must be reawakened. I’ve seen a lot of my friends, in blissful states with their boyfriend or girlfriend, my ex-sun included. They’ve found their love in each other. They’ve all found love in their companion, and now, when, and after I’ve found my new, (and hopefully best) love, I have found a reason to believe in love again. I believe that, now and forever, my friends are my true love.