This I Believe

Paige - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on February 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

I believe that even when loved ones are not around; your relationship with them will remain unchanged. I am the youngest of three sisters. My oldest sister Meghan is six years older than me and my other sister, Shannon is four years older. We are all different in some ways, but similar in more. From my point of view, Meghan and Shannon were always so close during their high school years. They would share everything from advice to clothes. I never felt like I fit into that relationship as my biggest concern seemed to be cleaning my room and I was too small to fit into their clothes anyway. When I was 11 years old Meghan went away to college at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Soon in to the next year Shannon and I grew closer together. I think we began to realize how similar we really are. We would go on drives around town for hours when one of us or both of us was stressed out. We took turns sharing our troubles. The calmness and safety of the car just created a bubble for us to spill all that we cared to. Even if there wasn’t a helpful response or one at all, somehow everything seemed to be put into perspective for us a little bit more. Every weekend we would stay up so late and watch our favorite shows. Occasionally I would doze off and Shannon would get angry, for some reason. We are different in one specific way: Shannon can hold grudges about the most seemingly ridiculous things, when I have to resolve a reason for anger immediately. The months passed so quickly and our bond grew into more than either of us initially imagined. Shannon was accepted and decided to go to Northeastern University in Boston. It came as no surprise to any of us that she chose to go so far away, as I probably will too. She has always had this desire to explore and do things on her own. The day she left I came home from school and went upstairs to my room to bury my head in my pillow. I had been waiting all day to be able come home and finally let the tears roll down my cheeks. This pity-party was put on hold however when I noticed something on my bed. It was an envelope with one of Shannon’s old school ID’s attached to it. This particular ID was the one that she and I had always laughed at because she seemed to bear a strange resemblance to a character in one of our favorite childhood movies. Inside the envelope was a letter which up on reading, I decided was the perfect time to cry. Next to it was a CD. The first song was called “Shannon is gone,” which made me question if she ever wanted me to have dry eyes again. Of course it was hard at first. But we talked all the time. I would call her almost every night before I went to bed. I visited a few times too. Now, we both seem to understand that talking to each other every solitary minute is not necessary. It seems so surreal even thinking about it. I can’t believe that when I go upstairs to her room she won’t be there. Every time we see each other, it’s the same as it has always been. I am so grateful for that. Shannon and I are still so close and I have no doubt that she will always be one of my best friends.