This I Believe

Alexander - La Grange, Illinois
Entered on February 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in comedy

Laughter, Laughter, a joy accompanied with a smile. All of the pains of the whole world seem to melt away when I am laughing,and smiling. I believe in comedy, as a way to live life.

There is no day in my life that has gone by without a laugh. The only way to waste a day, a month or a year is to go through it without a smile on your lips or a joke in your head. Now a days I don’t see my brother much, but when I do it is so much fun. All my brother and I do is tell jokes, laugh and find humor in everything. If my brother and I were at a funeral, we would tell jokes and take the misery away from ourselves and all of the people around us.

Comedy is truth. Jokes help show the hidden humor in everything and everyone. People in this country have the right to say anything they chose and everyone is equal. I believe that those rights apply to comedy as well. I think that no one should ever need to check if anyone is offended by a joke. Everyone is different and sometimes the differences are comical. As long as the jokes are taken light heartedly there is no reason for them not to be said.

Comedy is the driving force behind all of the people I spend time with. I love hanging out with my friends before school just because of the comedy that is our conversations. The best way to start a day at school is to sit in that circle and tell jokes until the bell that sends us to class. When we laugh and tell our jokes, there is no stress not even on the days of our finals.

Life is as stressful as you make it. There is no better cure than comedy. I love to laugh. It is that plain and simple. Comedy is my way of stopping life from crushing me.