This I Believe

Eric - LaGrange, Illinois
Entered on February 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that faith is never blind

Faith by definition is firm belief in the absence of proof. This means that one believes in something without conclusive evidence to prove what they believe is true. How much evidence do you need to believe? If I said I had candy in this bag for everyone in the class how many of you would believe me? How about if I gave one table candy, how many would have faith that I would have candy for the whole class? Now how about if I gave everybody with their hands up a piece of candy. How many would have faith that I had candy for the whole class? See how faith works.

First, questions in the end have only one result, more questions. For example, take any frequently asked question such as “Why is the sky blue?” some people respond rudely because they don’t know the answer to the question. Others will give an explanation as to how light refracts and so on, and so forth, but why does all of that happen? And why does all of the stuff that makes that happen, happen? Truthfully after awhile nobody knows, there is no proof, sometimes stuff just happens. People observe and believe what happens with an absence of proof. That’s faith.

An other example is my own belief in Jesus Christ who was crucified, died, and was buried and on the third day he rose again and ascended to heaven. Some people are indifferent to Christians like myself, but others like to argue that my faith in Christ is a blind faith. But I disagree because faith is the answer to the unanswerable questions, questions with no proof to support an answer. An example that my faith is real is the world itself. It didn’t just pop out of nowhere, some one made it, or more over created it. The fact that every thing in life works together is also a complete miracle. Another thing, why are we the only beings on the planet that can distinguish right from wrong? There is only one true answer. We were appointed the task by the creator who created all things and were made in his image. This is the only answer for me and many others.

Finally, have you ever tried to explain color to a blind man. The blind man has no proof that color exists. You or I could explain all day what color is and that it exists. At the end of the day the only way for the blind man to know that there truly is color is to either see or to put faith in what you are saying. To relate to the blind mans inability to see color one could describe color as taste. Like red is some times associated with spicy flavors because of things like hot sauce, hot peppers, red hots. With this example the blind man is able to relate color to taste but still isn’t able to see. All he has is faith you are not leading him astray.

Faith is the light by which we see the answers to the questions that cannot have answers that can be proved. A lack of proof that something exists is blindness, but in this situation faith is the only proof needed to see. If faith was blind the world could not see.