This I Believe

Jasmine - wayne, Pennsylvania
Entered on February 26, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem

I believe that even though bad things happen, good things happen just as often even though they sometimes go unrecognized. It is all about a person’s state of mind and whether or not they choose to recognize the positive. Many people choose not to and they go about complaining about their day, while others acknowledge the little things that brighten up their day and they’re the ones who tend to have better attitudes.

If a person goes through the day with a negative demeanor they will not see any of the good things that happen. However, that is not to say that pessimism is useless. Sometimes it is helpful to see how much worse a situation could get because then you will see how lucky you are that it didn’t.

There are plenty of wonderful things that happen everyday and it is a shame that they are overshadowed by many of the atrocities that are committed. But if rather than lamenting over them, people would go out and fix them there would be more inspiring stories to hear about.

Having a positive attitude also relieves stress. Too many people spend their day worrying about tiny details that ultimately will not make a difference, which is why they fail to notice the good things that happen everyday. More often than not, things tend to work themselves out eventually, whether it is because something is done or if it happens by itself.

Looking on the bright side can go a long way. My uncle had cancer in most of his organs when he was his fifties. After having parts of numerous organs removed, he chose to maintain a positive attitude. Without the help of any medication, he went into a complete remission and he has been fine for the last ten years. This is proof that miracles can happen and that a good attitude is not a complete waste.

Your life is what you make of it. If you choose to dwell on the negative aspects, then that is all that will matter. However, if you accentuate the positive, you will see all of the wonderful things that happen on a regular basis.