This I Believe

Meghan - LaGrange, Illinois
Entered on February 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

What Keeps Life Going

In November of 2005, my grandfather passed away after battling lung cancer for several years. His death was shocking, and left me confused and upset; however, I managed to overcome the difficult times full of grief and hurting due to one major influence: my friends. Surely my family was supportive after my grandpa died, but they also needed the same support from me. While the whole family was struggling with this at once, I was able to turn to my friends to be the outside influence that was greatly needed.

I knew that I could always count on my friends to see me through the tough times and support me. By calling them late into the night and hanging out with them on the weekends, they always comforted me by making me laugh, yet understanding what I was going through as well. Without these people I never would have dealt with the loss in such positive ways, which is why I believe that friends keep life moving forward.

Friends are not only comforting during eventful tragedies; they are there for every step you take. Each and every day, true friends are there to listen about all of the minor incidences from failing a test, to retelling a joke somebody had recited. Friends are there to experience life with you.

I believe that friends keep life moving forward because without them, you would not have somebody who can relate to you, to turn to with concern, or to laugh and joke with. Friends are encouraging and they always believe in you.

Friends and family have different effects on you. It is your friends who can relate to you on an understandable level, as they are often the ones encountering similar circumstances when you are. Friends share your secrets and know everything about you. They always seem to know exactly what you need, when you need it. They are the people who get you through life.

True friends are essential in life, as they are by your side very step of the way. Through the good times and the bad, they help you to move on. From laughter to sorrow, and everything in between, friends are there to experience life with you and keep you moving forward under any and all circumstances. Without friends, life would have nowhere to take you.