This I Believe

Claire - La Grange, Illinois
Entered on February 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in literature. In this day and age, when television is so popular, I think many people forget, or never realize at all, the value of a good book.

For me, reading is a way to detach, or “chill out”. In our house, we do not watch T.V., and so, growing up, books were the main source of entertainment for “down time”. Oftentimes, I find, when I read a book I haven’t read for a long time, it brings back fond memories, not only of the book itself, but of events that happened around that point. For me, books became a key to memories that might have been forgotten otherwise. I can look back at children’s books, and remember where I was, reading them when I was little. I can remember how I was feeling, who was around me, what was going on. In that way, books form, for me, a sort of time capsule, a link to past events, people, and places.

Aside from bringing back fond memories, a good book can provide an escape, a little break from hectic points in daily proceedings. They go at whatever pace you read them, and the topic is yours to choose. While school, work, social interaction, and just life in general sometimes get overly stressful, reading can be therapeutic, in the way that it provides a little bit of calmness in a rapid-fire, bustling world.

Books serve many enormously different purposes. They can inform us, teach us, amuse us. They can inspire deep thought and emotion. They invite us to think at a level we might not think on in our everyday lives. There are books for everyone, regardless of age, race, ability level, and interest. Whether a manual on fly fishing, or an action-packed adventure, or simply inspirations written by people of religion, there is a book for everyone. Whatever your passion- be it art, or music, athletics, computers- there is always a book you can identify with. I believe in books because, through reading about something we love, there is a sense of belonging, a sense that we are not alone. Books link us to other people around us, no matter where they are. A different state- a different country- anywhere books travel, a connection is established. So, this I believe. I believe books are valuable, and should never, ever be ignored. I believe in books because they provide a small space to relax, open doors, and inspire dreams.