This I Believe

Kyle - Willow SPrings, Illinois
Entered on February 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

Musical Outgrowth

I believe in music and the unique affect it has on people. I can honestly say that I think that music is solely the most powerful medium through which emotions and ideas are expressed to the masses. I know of nothing else that has the ability to so strongly change my emotions, especially something that is heard and was performed by someone I will probably never even meet. I could be in a horrible mood, but sometimes all I need is the first few measures of that song that I really love to turn my mood around. Not only can music alter emotions, but it can enhance memories so much, something just becomes so much more memorable when you have a song tied to that event. And on the other side of that, music becomes so much more enjoyable when it has a connection to a specific event in your life.

Music also has such an expressive quality; songs are often very focused on specific ideas with an intention to be heard and understood by others. I have often felt that I can sometimes understand certain musicians better, because of their music, than people I have known for a very long time. And through music I have received many of these ideas which were intended to be heard and understood.

A time when I can say that my beliefs about music were truly enforced was earlier this year when some of my friends and I went to a Tom Petty concert. I remember when I got there how appreciative I waws of everything around me. The music was just enhancing my experience tenfold.

I was on one of the suspended decks dead center with the stage, and it was just crazy up there. Everyone was dancing around and singing along with the songs, people of all ages just yelling and screaming and having a great time on that beautiful windy fall night.

And now, every time I hear a Tom Petty song that night comes to mind, and I remember how much fun I had, because that’s just the memories the music left me with.