This I Believe

Zaedryn - Brooklyn, New York
Entered on February 26, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Me in a Nutshell

I believe love is the closest we get to divinity

I believe in waiting patiently on the corner for the light to change

I believe in being kind

I believe that as birds fly, and fish swim, humans create;

it is our ‘natural’ mode of operation

I believe the opposite of war is not peace, it’s creation

I believe creative expression is a way to get to know

what we don’t know

that we already know

I believe in finding common ground and elevating the discussion

in wanting what I have and giving what I need

I believe in asking myself how it is that I will come alive

because that is what the world needs

I believe in keeping rocks in my pockets

to remind me to stay close to the ground

I believe stones and aerial maps of the ocean floor

teach me to fly

I believe to be free is not merely to cast off one’s shackles

but to live in a way

that respects

and enhances

the freedom of others

I believe in leaving everything and everyone and everywhere

just a little better off then when I found it

I believe when we let go of who we are, we become who we might be

I believe in paying my library fees

I believe in psychics, astrology, epigraphs

crossing fingers at cemeteries

lifting feet when going over a bridge

ice cream on the hot days

I believe in swimming at the glacier in the summer

and chomping icebergs like snow-cones

I believe asking for – and getting – someone’s consent is sexy

and knowing the pleasure you want and how to get it

is subversive and revolutionary

I believe gender and power and play is what makes the sex hot

I believe stretch marks and scars are beautiful

because they tell the history of the body

I believe the body is a temple to be worshipped

that we are not separate than the earth, but rather from the earth

I believe it feels good to shit outside

I believe in cranberries, avocados and cashews

in redheads and black ink

in leaving a trail on an unmarked canvas

in drawings on skin

in tiny yellow flowers under the chin to check if I like butter

I believe in watching the media, pop culture, consumerism,

and celebreality with a critical eye

I believe in turning off the TV

I believe in accessories: shoes, belts, bags, scarves, glasses

I believe growth requires the temporary suspension of security

in second chances and red balloons

I believe in wishing on the full moon and faery rings

and dandelions gone to seed and eyelashes

and shooting stars and lovers’ laughter and birthday candles

I believe very few people are actually out to get us

but are rather just distracted by their own

human-drama-bubble of daily life

I believe differences are the only way we learn

I believe intentions do matter

I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt

but still protecting the gentle red ribbed cage

around my heart

I believe you and I are not mistakes, we are stardust

I believe in unfolding my own mythology

like an origami swan

asking every day:

what will I do with my one wild and precious life?