This I Believe

Garrett - LaGrange Park, Illinois
Entered on February 26, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

The Truth is Out There

When I was little, my family would often go camping in different areas around the country. I remember looking up at the night sky and being completely captivated with the constellations that I saw above me, but more interesting to me were the constellations that I couldn’t see. I was fascinated by the fact that I was only able to see some of the constellations, while other people elsewhere were viewing constellations that I could not.

My uncle played a very large role in my raptness with outer space. This was due to the fact that in the back room of his house, there used to be three telescopes which, at the time, seemed to be almost as large as I was. After he explained the purpose of telescopes, I continued to ask him questions about outer space in general. I found that the more I learned about what existed apart from our planet in the universe, the more my need for information grew. While previous visits to my uncle’s house had been fun, I now looked forward to my visits with a renewed vigor, as I was excited to discuss all the interesting aspects of the universe. Thankfully, my uncle was able to explain all the information simply, while also expounding and connecting information that I had already known. I believe that there exists in the universe more than just meager specs of light.

I suppose that media has also greatly influenced my beliefs about the universe. The movie Back to the Future got me thinking about parallel universes and time travel. While the movie was highly improbable, and used fake words such as “flux capacitor,” I still found the premise of the movie to be inspiring, and the ideas presented to be interesting. The movie made me think of the infinite number of pocket universes that could theoretically exist. If the idea that there were an infinite number of universes could be true, what else might be true about the universe?

I believe there exists in the universe more than just meager specks of light. My belief even extends into the possibility of extraterrestrial life forms, though I am still not convinced one way or another. I think it’s possible to be sure. After all, with billions of planets, I see no reason why there couldn’t be life on at least one other. My belief is more so in the universe itself. I believe in the power that the universe has and the infinite number of mysteries it contains.

One of the main attractions that I have towards information about the universe is the fact that it is still such a mystery to everyone. Every time something appears to be discovered, it creates even more questions that have yet to be answered. The mysteries of the universe may never be completely solved. As long as they remain unknown, I will always believe that there is more to the universe than mere specks of light.