This I Believe

greg - coral springs, Florida
Entered on February 26, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Time can test the strongest spirit but can also fill an empty heart. In the course of life it will rain and shine. What makes it worth existing is living with purpose. This is not easy for me to grasp some mornings when I must drag myself out of bed dreading the looming day, but I remember why it’s important. When I was a child I looked forward to each new day with much more excitement than I do now; for no other reason except that I’ve learned to interpret reality. There are things I cannot control in my life and things I would rather not have to deal with, but I continue on with purpose, because I remember why it’s important. I am aware that if I deliberately attempt to maintain an optimistic and pleasant attitude each day and exude that to people in my life, I will be much better off. Doing this actually gives me control over more of my life. I feel confident and enjoy more of my day. I try to smile at people I pass and usually always get a smile back. This just goes to show me that one person can affect the world no matter how small. Underneath it all, I believe people crave to be loved and have love to give. Love, real love takes passion and my passions are driven by purpose, because I remember why it’s important. My purpose becomes clearer and I begin to want to share it, because I remember why it’s important. My attitude helps me spend each day not just living but working with a purpose toward a better future, because I remember why it’s important. My purpose manifests my dreams into reality, a reality that with any luck brings about my happiness and facilitates my being selfless. I live with purpose so when my son looks to his father I know he’ll find his way. He’s already two and growing up quick so when I look at him I remember why it’s important. In the end I hope to feel a sense of comfort from the satisfaction that comes after accomplishing something for which I worked with so much purpose.