This I Believe

Paul - Brookfield, Illinois
Entered on February 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe…

We’ve all heard the valiant stories of medieval knights. They fall in love with a woman, and then are separated from her due to a horrible tragedy, after that they fight all odds to be reunited with her. Personally I’ve always been intrigued by these kind of stories, they always get me really inspired. I love the renaissance time period. Not just because I believe it’s more honorable to settle conflict by means of a sword and not a gun, but also because I believe in Chivalry. Chivalry is the customs of knighthood; these customs include bravery, courtesy, honor, and gallantry toward women. I believe in the honorable way men treated women. Though the sad thing is that Chivalry has been lost throughout time. Now us men are taught that courtesy or respectful attitudes towards women aren’t “manly”.

Many men treat women with such disrespect nowadays that it disgusts me.

On T.V. I see examples of the “right way” or the “cool way” to treat women, when really the “right way” has been steadily fading from every ones memory. Not only on T.V. do I see these horrible examples but also in school. I see guys walking down the hallways with their girlfriend, not being curious toward her in any way, mainly because they just want to look cool in front of other people. Why has our society’s views changed on the respectful way to treat women? I believe it is mainly because media and men’s lack of the proper examples to imitate.

A line from a well-known song is:

“Roses are red

Some diamonds are blue

Chivalry is dead

But you’re still kinda cute”

When I heard that line I was a bit in shock. Chivalry is dead? That line came from a female perspective. Many girls views are “I don’t need a man to open a door for me, or walk me to my car, I can do it myself”, and even seem insulted by the gesture. It is true that women do not physically need a door opened for them. I do believe women deserve to be treated with the respect to be thoughtful toward them. I believe women desire the thoughtfulness from a man to think to open the door for her. It is a matter of respect. This respect level has changed, women used to be viewed as someone a honorable man would die for. Now women are treated as nothing more than an object, someone for men to use for pleasure and dispose of at any given time. I believe that women should be treated with honor and respect. I believe in Chivalry.