This I Believe

James - Lagrange Park, Illinois
Entered on February 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

I believe that everything in life is influential. Every moment in our life changes and influences us, what we gain during these moments are essential to our personalities. I strongly believe that every second passed, is an addition to us. This addition, for the better or for the worse, becomes united with our thoughts. I believe that with each moment passed, creates an opportunity to open your mind to new ideas, to expand your beliefs and to develop new characteristics. In time we grow wiser with experiences of the past. Every situation we encounter affects the way we think and act. It all affects our life, whether its life threatening or not. All the things we do add up to form ourselves, who we are, and what we think. Getting up for school, or riding our bikes, they all develop who we are.

It can be seen throughout the world today. In my life for example, I became influenced by my grandmother to play the piano. Now I play the piano nearly everyday. She is a tremendous influence on my life. I now consider majoring in music because of this influence.

Our beliefs expand off of others. Each and every one of us will say different things about the same thing because we are different in the way we think. The reason why we are different in the way we think is because we have all been exposed to different surroundings. We grow off of our surroundings becoming stronger or weaker depending on the source of influence.

People start from their own belief, and then shares it with others, taking in some and leaving out others. From there, people connect them together and start sharing all over again. This cycle is like the communication cycle, but every time the circle has been completed it grows larger and more complex. I believe that our surroundings influence us every day, making everyone unique.