This I Believe

Kim - LaGrange Park, Illinois
Entered on February 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

Think about a normal day with waking up early, going to school, seeing friends, and being with family members. Each day life gives out a lot at one time and it can be hard to sort out the good from the bad. Everyone is an individual and for this reason, I believe that each person needs to have one good belief. A belief is defined as an opinion or conviction and it gives direction to life by setting a path and more.

If I did not have any beliefs or did not feel passionate about any cause, I would just be “floating” through each day. I would not know what to stand up for or what to speak against. I would constantly be contradicting myself when I could not decide what to believe. Even weak beliefs, such as brushing one’s teeth every day give a constant three-minute routine every morning. Brushing one’s teeth may not be a very prominent belief, but it offers structure to a chaotic lifestyle. Strong beliefs too offer a progressive nature. If I believed if banning abortion, I could attend rallies or write letters to a congressman. Writing letters would also promote persuasion skills as attending rallies would improve social skills. A belief that is shared with others easily improves basic communication skills. It can be debated and discussed for a long time, but with each new person who joins the discussion, the communication is growing.

Through communication, beliefs can also expose one to new people and potential friends. There are various ways to find others with the same interests, such as joining an online forum and meeting strangers from across the world or going to a group meeting in town and getting to know people that live close and fight for the same causes. Having beliefs can also expose one to a variety of cultures and many types of people too. Others with a different type of heritage may share the same viewpoint, but you are also learning about their culture at the same time. Thus, beliefs do more than give a path in life: They open up new opportunities.

Beliefs are something that can last a lifetime or just a short while. For example, when I was little I thought that there was a wolf that lived in my basement. In my mind, he resembled the wolf from “Little Red Riding Hood” and although obviously I do not believe that now, it gave me interesting stories to tell my kindergarten friends. Telling silly stories about the ghosts that we were afraid of or sleepover games that we believed brought ghost spirits helped us to bond and become better friends. When used to meet new people or strengthen communication, beliefs are a positive thing and I believe that everyone needs at least one strong belief.