This I Believe

Joe - Willow Springs, Illinois
Entered on February 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Accomplishments

After spending two years in the Lyons Township High School football program, I have seen some incredible things happen on the football field. Throughout my life, I have participated on many different sports teams and I believe that ordinary people, when working as a team, can accomplish extraordinary things. When ordinary people come together for a common goal in athletics, it can be quite astonishing.

I played soccer on an indoor league team. All the participants on our team were strangers to one another. We all came from different schools and backgrounds. My team had the least amount of people and were the smallest in size compared to the other teams. Our team was not very good, we lost our first two games by a combined total of seventeen. Our coach was really trying hard for us to come together so we could start winning. Nobody seemed to get along and we were all blaming each other for our losses. After we lost our second game me and several of my teammates heard the team that was highly-favored to win the championship bragging about how they were going to clean the floor with our team. Hearing all that trash talk really hit home and at our next practice, all of us pulled together and started playing as a united team. Our team went undefeated for the rest of the season and won second place in the indoor league for the season. The season turned out to be very successful for us. Once the playoffs rolled around, our team was playing very well and we won the championship game. When we won it all, it was a really proud moment for me. Up until that point, myself and other members of the team never won anything in a competitive league.

When all this was going on I didn’t realize how far we had come to win the championship. This story shows that ordinary people can come together and accomplish extraordinary things when working as a unified team.