This I Believe

Kelli - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on February 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

I believe that every moment should be cherished. Whether the moment is precious, embarrassing, elegant, fun, good, bad, or sad, each one is special and an important part of my life. Most often, every moment is unique and only happens once, so each one should not be rushed and never be taken for granted. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, so I try and cherish the moments in my life, for each moment may be the last.

Truly, moments are captured. I look at pictures of when I was younger and watch videos that my parents filmed of me and my family on vacations. Whether it was watching my brothers and I build sandcastles together or playing in the snow, I laugh and reminisce about each moment I remember. I would do anything to be younger again and relive those precious moments.

As well, my grandma was a big part of my life. My mom and I used to visit her and take her out to eat all the time. I remember the moments when she used to tell me stories, like when she grew up on the farm. Unfortunately, she became sick for a while with cancer before she passed away. I still remember that moment when I held onto her hand for the last time.

Especially, I know the moments my friends and I have spent together will never be forgotten. I’ve shared moments of laughter, crying, singing, dancing, and so many more with them. Also, I remember the fun times when we’ve had sleepovers, went shopping, and went out to eat together. Whatever it was, they are moments that will stay with me all my life.

In fact, I began to really start believing in cherishing every moment after I almost lost a couple friends in a car accident a while ago. That moment really influenced me to think about how if it was more serious, that I might never have been able to share their presence with them again. For this reason, I really began to think about all the moments we have spent together and how they could have been the last. I am thankful they are ok and now every time I am with people that are special to me, I know I should not take those moments for granted. I cherished moments before this, but this situation really made me believe in it even more.

Therefore, as moments slip out of my hands, I try and hold onto them. There are the moments I look back on, yet I don’t let them hold me back. I look forward to moments that the future holds for me. Even though it’s hard to cherish every moment, I became more appreciative of them. I have learned from moments, I live for the moments, and I believe in cherishing the moment.