This I Believe

Peter - LaGrange Highlands, Illinois
Entered on February 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

The Flawed Generation

I believe that my generation is flawed. My peers are flawed because some of their actions, beliefs, and ignorance. I am different from my peers because I take the time to think of what I am doing or going to do. I care for others, assist others, make others’ lives easier, and continuously think of how to improve the future. At high school most of the students are stubborn, single minded, and selfish. This is how my entire generation is, and they think that they can do whatever they want whenever they want. My generation is oblivious to many things such as proper edict and to many present-day issues. Teenagers should have developed the ability to speak with manners, but I hear everyday the misuse of the English language. The English language is becoming misused, and I hear kids changing words to make them shorter or to make them sound cool. The misuse of grammar continues to plague the mouths of our societies future.

My generation does not care about the future as long as it does not affect them. In the lunchroom there are recycling bins designed to collect plastic bottles, but the bottles end up in the trashcans, and each day there are ten bottles in the recycling bins while the trashcans have 500 bottles or more. Even when the recycling bins are closer to the students then the trashcans they continue to throw the bottles away pretending that they are in a basketball game. My question is why? If you could do anything to help protect the future would you, even if it is just putting a bottle into a recycling bin? My generation also thinks that they own the world because they feel free to throw trash all over the land. There is no reason in the world why a person needs to throw things everywhere, and the only affect is that it causes pollution and more work for others.

Parents of my generation spoil them and allow them to continue to act in the way they are. My generation cannot function without parental control. My soccer team at school has pasta parties before every game and at every party there are homemade meals. At the party my generation would think it was funny to throw the food that these parents had made for hours. Why would they not care for the work of others? I stayed after every time, thanked the parents and told them they could leave. I stayed after to clean up so the parents would not have to clean up their homemade food off the ground. The worst part is they did not say thank you, not one, and further proving that my generation has no manners. I try every day to educate my generation to why it is important to have manners and common sense, but there are kids that are naive to the truth.