This I Believe

Katie - LaGrange, Illinois
Entered on February 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Choosing between the two high schools I wanted to go to was a tough and stressful situation for me, mostly because my mom favored Fenwick and my dad favored LT. I had no idea which school I liked better because both seemed like they would be good for me. The day came for the entrance exam at Fenwick and after I took it, I felt pretty good about it and thought it went well. Later, the results came back and said I was put on the waiting list because I missed the acceptance score by two points. I was surprised by this, but there wasn’t really anything I could do to change it. Since I was put on the waiting list, I began to strongly consider LT over Fenwick. After a while, I hadn’t heard back from Fenwick, so I decided to forget about going there. LT seemed to be the best choice for me, so the decision was final. LT is a great school and has so much to offer. It would be a big change for me because I was coming from a catholic grade school, but I felt ready for it. After I decided, high school didn’t seem so far away and I was looking forward to it.

Later in the year, I found out that the reason why I did not get accepted to Fenwick was because I got an extremely low score on the math portion of my test. Due to a technical glitch when grading, it brought down my overall test score. My poor score was what put me on the waiting list in the first place. Just from a small detail like this, my whole high school career was affected. I could have waited to get in at Fenwick and if I went there, I would have done fine. Instead, I chose to come to LT. If I had gone to Fenwick, I wouldn’t have made all of the friends that I have made here. I wouldn’t have had the choice of the classes that I am taking, or participate in the sports and clubs that I am in now. My whole high school experience would have been different. I am so grateful for what happened with my test. Otherwise, I may not have chosen LT and I would have missed out on the people I have met and things I have done here. This is why I believe that everything happens for a reason.

If something happens, whether it is major or minor, it can affect my life in a great way. Sometimes it is for better, sometimes it is for worse. In the case of my high school decision, it was for the better. No matter what happens, I believe that things are meant to be, otherwise they wouldn’t have happened. Everything happens for a reason.