This I Believe

Alexander - LaGrange Highlands, Illinois
Entered on February 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe

I believe our families, friends, and environments mold our minds, attitudes, and lifestyles to form who we are. We have all seen horror films and psycho movies where a killer is some deranged person who has vast amounts of problems, but do we notice the killer’s parents or lifestyles? From personal experience I know that my family, friends, and environment have influenced me in the best possible way, and they have given me the ability to become the best person and I could be.

I am a very happy guy, and I get along with mostly anyone and this is because my parents and friends have made me this way. I have a family who loves me and who will support me no matter what I do. My mother and father help me with all facets of my life, and they have raised me to be a person who respects everyone and to keep an open mind. My friends are really nice people; they don’t do drugs or drink or do anything to put me in harm’s way. I also go to a great school and live in a safe neighborhood. I believe that these good aspects of my life have made me a better person.

My sister lives in the same house and goes to the same school but she had a major attitude problem and has made more poor decisions than I have. Why does this happen to her and not to me? I believe it is because of her friends. Her friends used to do drugs, smoke, drink, and get in fights with their parents all the time. When my sister saw this happen for many years, she started to act almost exactly the same way; she started arguing more with my parents and she made stupid choices. A couple of months ago she left some of her friends who caused a significant amount of trouble. Now, she is a better person. My sister acts nicer to me, treats my family with more respect, and no longer makes stupid decisions that can cost her, her life. This is a perfect example of how much others’ lifestyles can effect our own; each little aspect of our friends has an enormous effect upon us.

My neighborhood is very nice; unfortunately many people don’t have that luxury of safety. The people who are raised in violent neighborhoods are influenced greatly because they have to decide between getting out of those neighborhoods or joining the crimes that make the neighborhoods terrible. I am not saying that every person who grows up in a poor environment or is raised in a not so supportive family is always a bad person. What I am saying is that those aspects do influence us, for the better and the worst.

I believe that our families, friends, and environments mold us, and they are the most important aspects in our lives because they dictate what will happen to us.