This I Believe

Jake - Illinois
Entered on February 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Laughing is Sweet

I believe that people don’t laugh enough. Laughing is one of the greatest things on the face of this earth. If you think about it laughing is a strange thing. What is it? How does it happen? Does your brain just decide something is funny, and then it sends messages to your voice box to start laughing? These are just a few of the mysteries that still surround the mysterious art of Laughing.

The one thing that I do know about laughing is that without it we would all be lost. Imagine a world without it Imaging a world without jokes, or a world with no fun. We would all be pretty boring people without laughter. Unfortunately there are a few people that I have never seen laugh. I always wonder to myself what is the reason for the person “lack of laughter.” Could it be problems at home, maybe they lost someone close to them, or maybe they are just mean and they don’t like to smile or laugh. No matter what those people are going through laughter can help them get through any situation that they are going through.

A recent study done this year showed that laughter reduces stress on the brain, and is actually good for you. This is the reason that I think laughing can be a good cure, for some sicknesses, and “most” situations. I say most because laughing isn’t good for all situations. You probably don’t want to laugh when your parents are yelling at you, or when your teacher is talking in class, but laughing is good for other situations, when it is appropriate. For example in many movies when a girl gets dumped after a long relationship they sit on the couch watching a sad movie, and eating ice cream. What if instead those people watch a funny movie like “Ace Ventura Pet Detective?” I think that the time those women remain in deep depression would decrease dramatically.

Even though most people at L.T. do laugh, I always see one or two kids in my classes who are really shy, and never crack a smile. So do me a favor next time you see one of these people in your classes make an extra effort to talk to that person. Even if that conversation is just for a minute maybe you’re making that guy or girls day. That is what laughing is truly about making everyone happy.