This I Believe

Colin - LaGrange, Illinois
Entered on February 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

I believe that hard work and a strong effort will always pay off.

As a student and athlete, I know how hard it is to always give one hundred percent. The pressure to do well and succeed can make even the strongest of people crack. I feel that the best way to satisfy myself and the others around me is by dedicating my time and effort towards that goal. Nothing is ever too far out of reach and all it takes is a little hard work.

This past summer I decided that I was going to make the varsity basketball team. There was absolutely nothing that was going to stop me and I would do anything to get there. Everyday over the summer, no matter the temperature, I was outside playing basketball. My friends and family pushed me to succeed and I never gave up on myself. There were countless days where the heat was almost unbearable, but I knew that this opportunity was not going to just fall on my lap. The only thought on my mind was making that varsity basketball team and I continued to push myself harder. As the summer flew by I could see my game was the best it had ever been and all the sweat was paying off. The summer eventually ended and I continued to improve until the basketball season came around.

I was given the chance to play varsity basketball as a sophomore and I have not looked back since. The amount of pride I have for completing that task is almost unexplainable. The thousands of jump shots seemed like a pain at the time, but reaching that one goal may have been the greatest feeling in the world.

This belief can be applied to anything in life. Improvement always requires effort and hard work, no matter what the field of study may be. Unfortunately there have been times where hard work has not gotten me exactly what I have wanted, but I have always found something positive to take out of the experience. Challenges are thrown at everyone daily and they can be handled in a variety of ways. I find that the people who give a little extra effort and work a tiny bit harder seem to succeed in many aspects of life. So those extra five minutes spent studying or that one extra mile running may seem pointless, but they will, without a doubt, eventually pay off.