This I Believe

Dustin - Willow Springs, Illinois
Entered on February 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

As most people age they become stronger, wiser, and they understand more. For those of us that grow to a ripe old age know there becomes a point where aging is no longer a beneficial process. Bones become brittle, joints grow sore, and thoughts and memories come and go on their own free will. Once a process of growth and development aging becomes a process of withering and waning. The majority of the population lacks the initiative to work while young and pay the consequences for it in their adulthood working dead end jobs until they are sixty. It is because of the hardships of modern society that I believe in resolution.

My father slacked off in the early years of his life. He never invested time into school and was so unenthused with every day he had to go there. He graduated in his junior year because he had the credits to do so and could not handle anymore. Immediately after graduating high school he began working full time with two part time jobs. He worked so hard that he was able to walk into a show room at the age of nineteen and buy a new car in cash. But after a couple of poor short-sighted choices and a rotten marriage he found himself working the same dead end job as he was twenty nine years ago with no solace in sight.

Because of his poor initiative, my father is still working today as a Xerox Technician a.k.a. the copier-machine-fixer-guy. If he would have stayed in high school an extra year and tried to get into a half-decent college he might not be working long hours

for mediocre pay and hating his job on top of all that. It is his mistakes that inspire me to do well in school and life in general. If he had not shown me all the problems that spawn from lethargy and apathy I may be following the same path he had. I am a sixteen year old boy and this I believe: I must retain initiative throughout my life, for life is not getting any easier.