This I Believe

lance - 19911, Alabama
Entered on February 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: courage, hope

One of my strongest philosophies of life is to always try my best whenever I do things. I’m not very strict about following this, but whenever I expect to see results I base my success on how well I followed this philosophy.

Basically when your parents, friends, siblings or you put the effort into whatever you do; you should expect to see results. Many times at my sport practices I see two different types of people. Those who sit on the wall socializing during sets, but also those who never give up. Which do you think succeeds? Occasionally, since no one is perfect, we must act as human beings. During this time, you should remind yourself how much money, effort those who love you put into getting where you are. With this in mind, I always try my best.

This philosophy applies to numerous daily activities. School and homework make up almost half the day for the average high-school student. If it takes up so much of your time, why not be the best you can be? The time is already put in, but the effort is up to the person. Some people choose to pay attention while others doze off. I’ll have to admit that I am not a strong attention man all the time and more of a dozer some times, but I never give up on the subjects. The key is reminding you how important doing well is.

When people ask how do you succeed in life? I answer them with what I believe. There is no doubt that if you try your best, you’ll always see optimal results.