This I Believe

Hanyi - Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania
Entered on February 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Stand up right at where you fall down

Belief- it is what we stand for and fight for. Whenever I think about belief, the neurotransmitters in my brain start to fire and run; plenty of beliefs light one by one in my mind, but the light stops for a particular one, one that doesn’t appear attractive to most people, but somehow strikes my feelings from deep within. I, believe in failures.

Compare to many people, I am still young, or in other words, inexperienced, however, I consider my life as one of those that are not always successful, but because of the failures and falls, I grow up, and I learn. These are the experiences that change my life to a different sphere.

My earliest experience was back in elementary school. I would always make minor careless mistakes on tests. The thing is, I understood the materials; my habit of carelessness frustrated me. I had many failures dealing with grades. At first, I would cry over failures and let them affect my mood for a few days. Later on, I noticed that cries don’t assist in improvements. I looked for teachings within the failures.

Life is a long journey, one can easily trip and fall, but the best thing to do is just to get up and keep on walking. Failures have been my best teachers; they say clearly what my mistakes are, and how I am going to make corrections. Usually, failures fool people by trigger their negative emotions, but they are basically feedbacks of people’s performances. They do no more harm than just revealing facts and truths. In high school freshman year, I recall that I failed a math test merely due to a misread on a big problem. I cried for my stupidity; for teacher’s strictness. I could blame myself forever, or I could learn to be extra careful with reading questions in the future. I chose the latter-the right choice.

I believe that no one is perfect; people fail, lose, and break down,; some keep on falling, but others- the smarter ones- learn from failures and rise above and beyond. I believe in failures, the more I fail, the more I learn. The harder I fail, the better I learn.

I am brave to face my failures. For auditions, tryouts, and competitions, I am not afraid to try. No matter what the results are; they are for my own goods. I attained that, by positively facing my failures, my life is brighter, shinier, and happier. I, believe in failures.