This I Believe

Rachel - Burr Ridge, Illinois
Entered on February 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

French Fries, Shakes, and Love

I believe that Wendy’s french fries and a chocolate shake go wonderfully together.

The salty, crunchiness of the starchy goodness contradicts the sweet creaminess of the

chocolate dessert. Yet, when one puts them together the two items become one delectable

treat. This just comes to show that when one combines things that normally would not go

together, It can make something amazing. I found this delicious recipe when my best

friend Eryca took me to her house and ordered Wendy’s. Ever since I have tried this

intriguing combination, I always think of her and how awesome the dessert was.

I believe that French fries dipped in chocolate shakes symbolize relationships. I waswalking in downtown Chicago when I saw this couple hugging and kissing. They weren’t a normal couple to say the least. The man had a small mohawk, pierced ears, and a very shiny chain hanging from his pants. The woman on the other hand was wearing almost everything from some high priced designer. They were totally different.Yet when they were together they looked so perfect and happy. Surprisingly, I became extremely jealous of their relationship. People would stare but they didn’t care, they wereso caught up in each other and in love. They had someone to cherish and to unconditionally love. Nothing else seemed to matter to them. I really wanted that. Iwanted some sort of French fry and chocolate shake–type of relationship. Also I think the dessert symbolizes my best friend’s and my relationship. We aren’t very alike. She dresses differently than I do. She loves T-shirts and Converse shoes. Personally I like to dress up for school, and I don’t wear Converses often. Yet we are the best of friends. The way we dress, talk or what we listen to does not get in the way of our amazing friendship.

Something as obscure as fries and a shake can be wonderful. So can a relationship

When people love each other no matter what they look like. Just as odd things can

combine and work well with each other, so can all the odd relationships. I don’t think I shall judge anyone on the basis of their relationships anymore because I have learned first hand that what is on the inside is what counts. If someone is “salty” and

their hunny is “sweet” I don’t notice anything strange; I just notice the sweetness of their relationship.