This I Believe

Constanza - Berwyn, Pennsylvania
Entered on February 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that when I dance I am extending a personal invitation for the viewer to feel my pain, my passion, my fears, my anxieties, my strengths, and my vulnerabilities. It is virtually impossible to get away from the monotony of everyday burdens but breaking away for an hour or two is indispensable to my life. The best way I can do this is by dancing.

The music carries me into a seemingly nonexistent euphoria. The entirety of my being, alive with expression, becomes one with the beat of the captivating music. The world seems at reach, ambitions attainable and I am lost from the anxieties of a demanding world that excuses not even the slightest abnormality. When I dance, irregularity is beautiful. It is when differences between people become obsolete and hurtful words slip away beneath the soothing murmur of shoes against the Marley wooden floor.

I remember being 12 years old. I attended Miami Palmetto Middle School and was torn between betraying friendships and challenging academic courses. For the first time I realized that my parents could not protect me from everything. There were things I needed to learn on my own and find a way to succeed. That is when I turned to dance in a different manner than I had before. It was no longer just an after school hobby or a part time job, but a way of life. I found that it freed me from the negative and materialistic ways I could end up living my life. The afternoon practices at Danceworks of Miami became a strong necessity and I have yet to find anything that makes me feel as strong.

When I dance I feel balanced. Invigorated by spontaneity and reform and the cruel torment of conflicting thoughts dissipate. I believe that allowing someone to witness that metamorphosis is brave. The viewer becomes a part of the dancers’ isolated world and slowly he becomes vulnerable. Secrets no longer exist, colors laugh brighter and more exuberantly, and the tension melts.

I believe that to dance is to wholly accept oneself. It is to admit flaws and fears and turn them into something beautiful. Not a widely accepted beautiful but a personal beautiful. Inviting someone to share in that modern perception of beauty is a conscious gift.

I believe there is no “right” way to perceive a dance. It is left to imagination and it often reflects an issue you may be struggling with. When I dance, I love knowing I am personally affecting every person who allows himself to get carried away. I am drawing them to connect with themselves in a way they may have forgotten how to and that is immensely fulfilling.

I believe dancing is not only art and poetry, but a way of life.