This I Believe

Alicia - Berwyn, Pennsylvania
Entered on February 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Just Like the Wind

Waiting on the sidelines of a full fledged war I will admit—I was petrified. This war I speak of is the fantastic sport of rugby; which I began without any knowledge of the game except that you tackled. Nervously observing from afar and anxiously awaiting my turn to fight I looked to my left and noticed a girl whom I didn’t know—a frequent problem being a freshman—and she kindly smiled in my direction. With my smile returning her thoughtful gesture she began to walk my way. My first upperclassman friend ever!

I will never forget that day, because that was the day that God chose to enter into my life. It was, because of that one kind gesture that everything started to fall into place. She was the one to get me involved in an amazing organization called Young Life, which teaches God’s ways to high school students. At first, just as the timid and new rugby player, I was skeptical about allowing God into my life. But I did, I took that nerve racking walk into the house hosting club (young life), and I never came out. No, just kidding. I emerged a little more settled than before, and with a strong belief forming—God is real, and God is good.

Giving me strength everyday to deal with hardships, to concentrate on school, to put others before myself is God. He is behind every move I make. For those people out there who don’t believe just look around you at the plants, the people, and the world—and think—how else could all of this be plausible. There just has to be a greater being that made all of it possible. I personally think evolution has its flaws; come on, there weren’t Asian, black, white, and Hispanic apes that evolved into the extremely diverse individuals that walk this earth with us, now were there? Don’t forget, the worldwide everlasting bestseller, the Bible: God’s word in written form. Bestseller! Every stinking day of the year! Now that’s saying something.

Whether it’s evident or not God is real, and if you were to take a step back from life you would see it too. The people he works through just have something different about them, something calming, something satisfying, and something makes you want to be around them. This is what drew me in. God is like wind, because even though wind is invisible we can see its effects and we believe and accept that it is real. So adventure off into the wind, and don’t be afraid to let it carry you towards Him.