This I Believe

Lauren - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on February 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

There are all different types of families in the word. You hear about the ones where the grandma lives with the family, or the “oh you my baby daddy” ones. There is also the so called “perfect” family, where everyone get along perfectly and their parents are happily married. All of these types of families are different, but I am here to tell you each and every one has love in it. I believe that a family relationship is the strongest bond there is.

In my family we are very close, and not just with my immediate family. We have family parties for everyone’s birthday, and we celebrate all of the holidays together. I have grown up in a family where family is the most important thing. I couldn’t always see as a child why family was so important. Now that I am older, when I look at my grandparents faces on Christmas I see exactly why. That little smile, and twinkle in my grandma’s eyes explains everything. My family is not perfect, there are divorces, only a couple of college diplomas and not everyone gets along perfectly. Family isn’t about being perfect though. It is about how your family will be there for each other no matter what.

I am very proud of being a Wydra and everything that come with that. A couple of years ago my grandma was going to have a knee replacement, because her osteoporosis was getting very bad. A few weeks before the surgery she met with the doctor and had a couple of examinations. He noticed she had lost about 20 pounds since her last check up, and thought that wasn’t normal. We thought nothing of it really since the Wydra’s are strong and have great health. When the results came back positive for colon cancer we were dumbfounded. Wait something like this can happen to us? Her knee replacement was put on hold and had to have emergency surgery. During that time Thanksgiving passed, but the festivities had to go on. My grandma was in the hospital, but we tried to make the most of it. As one of the Wydra traditions before we eat, we all stand in a circle and hold hands and pray. I remember looking at everyone around me crying and praying for my grandma’s health. At that very moment I believe we were the closest we have ever been. We were all trying to get through a hard times and came together just like a family would.

Something like that has made me value family in its fullest. During that time my friends were also my family. If I could define family, it would be a group of people that come together through love and are always there for each other, and that is exactly what my friends did. I chose to talk about family so that when everyone leaves this room today they have a greater appreciation with what they have or could achieve. This I believe that the love of a family can withstand anything.