This I Believe

Tim - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on February 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

The Power of Music

I believe in music as a way in connecting and separating people at the same time and that it is powerful. Music can be fun for some to listen to and others to create. I have been around music all my life. I have listened to the radio, played the clarinet and listened to so many CD’s that I would never be able to count them all. When I was younger my father always loved to listen to rock music and my mother liked to listen to country and thought that rock was too much for her. The thing that amazed me was that these people were married and loved each other. I found out that they learned to like some of both types and tolerated more music types. I grew up and learned to like rock music more and more. My father would play the radio and I would hear new songs that would add to my addiction.

When I began to grow and learn more I noticed that I had friends that liked the same music. My friends would say there was a band that I had to listen to and time and time again I liked their suggestions. As a result, my friends and I became very close. My older brother and I liked the same music and also became closer.

Then, there was an event that influenced many things. When the 9/11 attacks arose and the War in Iraq began the country began to change drastically from a peaceful nation to a rejecting one in a matter of a year. I noticed that there were many changes in America’s music also. The rock music gradually began to sound generic. There was an explosion of more music similar to The Fray like Ben Folds and Dave Mathews Band. All of these bands have similar tones and blossomed during the War in Iraq. After the 9/11 attacks our country faced another dilemma, but this time it was not planes crashing it was a destructive hurricane. Hurricane Katrina made me realize that music was very influential. By the time Kayne West made his first album he criticized the president for not helping the Hurricane Katrina Effort enough. He was able to convince many people using his popularity in music that the president was not helping the Katrina effort.

Eventually, I saw that my brothers were influenced to change as well. They had started to lose interest in listening to rock music. I kept listening to it, but realized that they did not care. I realized that like my parents, I could tolerate the music they liked. After that, I began to expand my music collection from folk to metal. I became more interested in music in general and learned that there are many good types of music and that trying something different is good for a change.